AND by Antonio Iannibelli
TRIBUTE TO ITALIAN BIODIVERSITY – A Journey through the naturalistic habitats from Eolie to Isonzo

 , Palazzo d’Accursio Sala Manica Lunga from 1 to 15 giugno 2010; open every day from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM.
                   INAUGURATION TUESDAY 1 JUNE 2010 AT 10.00   


Lengthening for more than a thousand kilometers from North to South, surrounded by the highs of the Alps and the Mediterranean waters, Italy offers a richness of environmental contexts which has no comparison in the whole European continent. If we add to this abundance of habitats we the over 57.000 animal species, the about 6.700 plant species, then we will be able to understand the extraordinary worth of biodiversity in Italy.

In year 2010 which the UN has declared International Year of Biodiversity, the exhibition of the works by Antonio Iannibelli, naturalistic photographer, portrays a walk across Italian habitats, undergoing from the Eolie until the mouth of the river Isonzo, this is the result of a search that involves the author’s entire lifetime. The viewer is invited to breathe the atmosphere of a reality filled by unique situations and enriched with the valuable presence of plants and animals, and therefore to share also the responsibility of a sensitive and aware employment of this worth.