Article written by Antonio Iannibelli and translated by Marco Albertini

The unforeseeable happened after the robin’s song, wild shivers in a cold winter’s night.

At dusk on a freezing cold day at the end of January I found a wonderful deer antler half-buried in the snow. I was taken by surprise seeing just one palm sticking out of the snow. I thought it belonged to a sleeping animal but I was wrong; there was just a piece of skeleton, only bones.

I knew it belonged to the frame of a large adult male. I was enchanted until the robin’s song reminded me it was almost dark and I had to walk for one hour through the wood to reach my car.

While I was walking fast I couldn’t help but let my mind drift back to that very early moment. I could neither leave behind nor escape from the deer’s ghost which occupied my mind during the homecoming journey, the following nights and days.